Monday, January 2, 2012

JOB Vacancy

Delcam is a world-leading developer and supplier of advanced CADCAM software.

Delcam Indonesia, the leading innovators in CADCAM technology in Indonesia is looking for highly qualified professionals. We need people who are self-motivated and team players, good in following skills of which are English both oral and written, communication and interpersonal, and computer skills to join us in a competitive environment for the following position :

Software Support/Application Engineer (Code : AE)

  • Male or Female.
  • Max. age 25 years old.
  • Diploma Degree in Mechanical Engineering (majoring in production machine).
  • Min. GPA is 2.5
  • At least 1 year experience in CNC machining or CAM programming and Design for Manufacture.
  • Have an outgoing personality, being sociable and responsive to our customers and globally-based staff.
  • Be flexible and ready for the challenge! You will be required to demonstrate Delcam's software solutions to a variety of industrial sectors around the world.
  • Possess excellent presentation and written communication skills.
  • Will be located in Tangerang – Indonesia.

Please submit your application letter, comprehensive resume, with a recent photograph (size of 3×4) and quote the position code on the top left envelope not later than 31 january 2012 send to:


You can submit your application by email to:


Delcam Indonesia

Gedung Perkantoran Pulomas Satu

G.1 Lt-3 Room12A

Jl.A.Yani No.2

Jakarta Timur 13210

Monday, May 30, 2011


This is another configuration of 5 axis machine. Using head and incline head 45° or some of us call it 5axis swivel head.

The main rotation C axis was on Z axis. Then A axis was incline between Z axis and Y axis.

Type of this machine has limitation of their rotation axis, such as:

C axis: limit + 360° and - 360°

A axis: limit +20° and -20°

SEYOON was one of famous machine maker that produce 5 axis machines. Complete with roll cutter to get cutting process much easier for some application.

There is some major equipment that 5 axis machining will result good performance.

  1. Machine Constructions
  2. Machine Control
  3. Software (external user)
  4. CAD/CAM Operator
  5. Tooling

With 5 axis software, we can explore the strategy and simulate the 5 axis tool path that we just make.

The 5axis simulation on the software representate the real cutting on the 5 axis machine, so we get more confident.

Safety and accurate, that we want to achieve.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fanuc Multiaxis Programming #2

2nd part continued from FANUC control program begin:
By specifying a G code from G54 to G59, one of the workpiece
coordinate systems 1 to 6 can be selected.
G54 ; Workpiece coordinate system 1
G55 ; Workpiece coordinate system 2
G56 ; Workpiece coordinate system 3
G57 ; Workpiece coordinate system 4
G58 ; Workpiece coordinate system 5
G59 ; Workpiece coordinate system 6

2. First Tool Load
Tool loading before 1st cutting.

T01 M06
M3 S8000

Format function:

T ; Command to assign tool number.
xx ; number from tool magazine .
M06 ; Command to execute tool change.
M01 ; Option stop - for make sure have right tool.
S xxxx ; RPM of spindle.
M3 ; Spindle rotation clockwise.

3. Feature coordinate system setting (3+2 positioning)
This very important to be check before running program further.
Programming for creating holes, pockets, and other figures in a datum
plane tilted with respect to the workpiece would be easy if commands
can be specified in a coordinate system fixed to this plane (called a
feature coordinate system). This function enables commands to be
specified in the feature coordinate system. The feature coordinate
system is defined in the workpiece coordinate system

Format function:

G68.2 X x1 Y y1 Z z1 Ia Jb Kc ; Feature coordinate system setting.
G69 ; Cancels the feature coordinate system setting.
X, Y, Z ; Feature coordinate system origin.
I, J, K ; Euler's angle for determining the orientation of the
feature coordinate system.

G53.1 ; Controls the tool axis direction.


G68.2 X0.0 Y23.5 Z-23.5 I-90.0 J0.0 K0.0

4. First move after tool load
At this section, we should prefer move Rotary axis (A/B & C) first then X, Y.


G1 A-90.0 C0.0 F3000
X-12.147 Y-27.72
G1 G43 Z40.0 H01 F3000

Format Function:
G1 ; Linear move using Feedrate.
A, C ; Rotary table.
F ; Feedrate.
X, Y ; Actual coordinate.
G43 ; Tool length compensation.
Hxx ; Tool length number.

5. Tool Change
Before we have any tool change, we should switch off all previous modals.


G91 G28 Z0.0
G49 G80 G40
T08 M06

Format Function:
M09 ; Turn collant mode.
G69 ; Cancels the feature coordinate system setting.
G91 G28 Z0.0 ; Return to home machine position.
G49 G80 G40 ; Cancels tool length compensation, cancel drilling cycle.
T08 M06 ; Tool change.
G90 ; Absolute mode ON.
M44 ; UnClamp swivel table.
M46 ; UnClamp rotary table.
M01 ; Option stop.

6. End Program
The end of program that's run after all machining process finished.


G0 Z150.
G49 G80 Z250.
G5.1 Q0
G91 G28 A0.0 C0.0
G91 G28 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0

## ref: Fanuc Machining Centre User manual

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5 axis Machine

In few pass of year, the machining direction change to use more complex machine. Such as multiaxis machine.

Recently in our country have more population of 5 axis machine such as Deckel Maho, Mazak, Moriseiki, and the new comers are Quaser.

Those machine are using common control to run their mechanical device. The controller such as Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens, etc.

Here litle explanation the Fanuc control language as NC Code:
This momment i'll share some function of NC-code languange to control the machine.

1. Program Header
On program header, it containing some NC Code for initialisation:
G91 G28 Z0.0
G28 A0.0 C0.0
G28 X0.0 Y0.0
G90 G54

O8899 ; Number program have text "O" at start of program number.
G91 ; Incremental movement.
G28 ; Position of Home machine.
G28 Z0.0 is command to run machine goes to Z home machine position.
G28 X0.0 Y0.0 is command to run machine goes to X, and Y home machine position.
G90 ; Absolut movement.
G54 ; Work offset coordinate
Work offset cooedinate can assign value of 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59
M44 ; UnClamp swivel table.
M46 ; Unclamp rotary table.

Next post is Tool change and First Move after tool change position ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

learning cam report

on the circulation of manufacturing process was from cad data to cam and result some nc-code for transfer to cnc machine.
for many programmer they use sheet from excel and give that data to machine operator.
this have an error when the programmer fill the wrong data to excel report.

now if you want your machining process safe, please use your automatic setup sheets creation on cam software like powermill does.
powermill gives the solution to make report automatic loading the data like rpm, cutting condition, and the safe overhang of tools.

how about my custom sheets? does powermill can support it?

absolutly yes.... you can create your own setup sheets.
  • you just set up your sheet on excel with your custom design.
  • save as web page. here you modify the name to *.html
  • open with html editor like front page or dreamweaver.
  • add " <> " on repeat data line and " < /summaryrow> " for the end.
  • paste that file on powermill installation.
  • try to export with powermill.
For more detail, please contact your delcam support or you can email me so we can share anything about cad/cam.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

learning reverse engineering

concept to reality in a single solution

where i can doing single solution for manufacturing process?

before we going further, may we knowing market research. this is key for R & D process.
there is 2 major thing:
  1. 1.Psychographics-role in society target audience - young mothers, must also appeal to mother:
  • stable on surface
  • hygenic-interchangeable head
  • cost effective-rechargeable
  • Product needs-appeals to child - like toy
  1. 2. demographic
  • we can emagine the custom tooth brush were created by hand craft. then we must combine with standart part like standart head and motor drive.
this the scheme:
  • step 1: get the basic idea for the concept
  • step 2: make a handmade model
  • step 3: make it to the drawing, there is 2 type; by manual measurement then draw it or you just scan your part
  • step 4: editing the scan data to be surface or solid modelling
  • step 5: modification your design with adding some texture to differentiate your product to competitor
  • step 6: make manufacturing process

the type of scan data were point cloude or stl. majority is stl data. delcam support the stl data and also give dmt data
the scanner machine are:
1. portable scanner (with laser or probe)
2. foto scanner
3. cmm scanner
4. cnc scanner

for the type from common user are: roland scanner, faro arm, konica minolta scanner, etc.
after we get the stl data, then we input to delcam copycad.
then we can modify to surface or solid.

then we can analyse the deviation of reegineering process.

adding some texture from relief / another stl to solid/ surface.

delcam powermill-provides the solution for Tribrid manufacture effortlessly handling combinations of solid/surface and triangle data.

if you had any information, or you can add your command bellow.. thanks. ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

art machining

boost your productivity

since i use artcam jewelsmith product, i got more advantage that you were believe or not. my production increase by 40%. it because with artcam we can design our product and edit into cad design with artistic style.

on 2007 i have join at delcam seminar at jogjakarta, then i ask delcam to doing some demo on my project... i really happy when delcam doing very quicly to design my logo and machine that on to roland machine.

artcam doing any design including basic shape (line, arc) and make into shape then have a new methode of machining. i use flip machining to make jewelry part. this automatic machining 1st side then after finish then continue to machining 2nd side. i use a conical cutter 10 degrees for finishing so make handmade limitation.

i believe that home made jewelry will grow up with combination using artcam and roland machine.